Last Shelter Survival change logs

Version Number: 31

-added rapidPurification2.png in low level upgrading of buildings

-added new way to exit the pop-up when upgrading using imageExitUpgrade.pngs

-added electricity transport detection of image at the lower left side of the game

Version Number: 32

-added new images in lower than level 10 bot because of the patches

-added state2.png for closing unexpected occurences of chat

Version Number: 33

-updated zombie images(Bot Outside)

Version Number: 34

-added goToTroops.png for troops training

Version Number: 35

-update return.png and speedUp.png images(Bot Outside)

Version Number: 36

-change bunk.png compare percentage from 70% to 80%

-change return.png and speedUp.png compare percentage from 70% to 80%

Version Number: 37

-added transporting gas on high level electricity building upgrade

Version Number: 38

-added new images to remove at the lower left


-added scout.png for not gathering a resources with someone on it.

Version Number: 39

-added speedUp2.png for closing dispatch dialog

Version Number: 40

-update higher level upgrading checklists

-added bunk,hospital,research checklist

-added cancelRepairRoad.png on error checking images

Version Number: 41

-added closeTrophy.png for closing trophy.png pop-up

Version Number: 42

-added more higher than level 10 upgrading images

Version Number: 43

-added speedUp3.png

Version Number: 44

-change speedUp2.png exit location

Version Number: 45

-added pause hotkeys

-How to pause:

Press CTRL+SHIFT+F1 for pause(Wait for bot is pause to display on the logs)

the bot will pause after a click is perform

Press CTRL+SHIFT+F2 to continue the bot

-added some checklists in bot inside

Version Number: 46

-added commander center troops upgrading for higher than level 10

-here is the image for it

Version Number: 47

-updated noviceZombieResistance.png

-added new research images



Version Number: 48

-added new research images


-change bot execution(put research,training,etc

before upgrading building

Version Number: 49

-added new research images



-added base upgrade checklist on bot inside

-added bunk and hospital upgrade on lower than level 10

-(the hospital and bunk must be near base building)

Version Number: 50

-added vehicle availability detection for bot inside

Version Number: 51

-added close option when construction.png is detected

Version Number: 52

-added auto restart when cannot connect bot to nox

Version Number: 53

-added detect lss crashing inside nox while running

-added free.png on detecting construction vehicles

-added account number while selecting bots

Version Number: 54

-added training and upgrading troops building selection

on higher than level 10 upgrading buildings

Version Number: 55

-fix troops upgrading and training bug on higher than level 10

Version Number: 56

-added two APC gatherer checklist for Bot Outside

-added new research images

-higher than level 10 troop building images

Version Number: 57

-added guides on checklists

Version Number: 58

-added class barracks upgrade on high level upgrading

-added new research image

Version Number: 59

-added auto save selected per nox emulator(no need to setup again)

-added new research image

Version Number: 60

-added return png at outside bot for 2 gatherer

-added new research image

Version Number: 61

-added three apc gatherers on bot outside

Version Number: 62

-Update one gatherer function on bot outside

Version Number: 63

-added auto recruit free heroes, auto explore

Version Number: 64

-fix new functions bugs

Version Number: 65

-fix recruit hero not recruiting 3x
-updated paradigmShift.png

Version Number: 66

-Updated server links
(Please redownload your files here)

Version Number: 67

-Updated closing research

Version Number: 68

-fix possible stuck on research

Version Number: 69

-added benefit box opener,added 2nd alliance help image

Version Number: 70

-added new image detector on lower than level 5 iron upgrade

Version Number: 71

-added auto claim alliance attendance
-added new benefits images

Version Number: 72

-added auto 30 minutes trial
-added benefits checklist

Version Number: 73

-updated benefits checklist

Version Number: 75

-added Menu->Alliance->Wages->Active

-edited UI

Version Number: 76

-added new images for base building

Version Number: 77

-puzzle solver

-fix bug: 3 gatherers not clicking the second apc