Requirements:(Follow This First)

Nox Download

Nox aspect ratio: 600x800 DPI=160(At Nox settings beside minimize button)

Nox CPU: 4 Nox Ram: 4096(At nox settings select custom then set ram and cpu)

64 bit windows

English language in LSS settings

Lss installed on nox emulator(with login account)

(Go to Tools->PlayStore to install Lss)

How to Trial:

Use "30MinutesTrial" for username and password
The bot will auto close after 30 minutes trial then you can try again

ImageCropper V2

A tool to use to screenshot and crop new building / zombie images released by LSS during updates for this bot to function normally

Last Shelter Survival Full File
Last shelter survival bot full file

Please ignore the false positive and press
CNTRL+J then select continue to download.

Installation Tutorial:
Read faq for detailed installation info at:
Nox Installation Tutorial:

Most Common Problem While Installing:
-Exe Not Starting
Make sure you install Window Offline 64 bit installer ONLY
at this java link
After that repaste Sikulix folder to %appdata% like in the video
Recrop Tutorial:
Visit Change Logs