Requirements:(Follow This First)
Nox Download
Nox aspect ratio: 600x800 DPI=160(At Nox settings beside minimize button)
Nox CPU: 4 Nox Ram: 4096(At nox settings select custom then set ram and cpu)
64 bit windows
English language in LSS settings
Lss installed on nox emulator(with login account)
(Go to Tools->PlayStore to install Lss)
How to Trial:
Use "30MinutesTrial" for username and password
The bot will auto close after 30 minutes trial then you can try again

Please ignore the false positive and press
CNTRL+J then select continue to download.

Installation Tutorial:
Read faq for detailed installation info at:
Nox Installation Tutorial:
Visit Change Logs

A tool to use to screenshot and crop new building / zombie images released by LSS during updates for this bot to function normally

Last Shelter Survival Full File
Last shelter survival bot full file